Certified master for protection and security

Duration of measure: 20 weeks
Class times: Full time from Monday to Friday

The advanced training to become a certified master craftsman for protection and security IHK offers the opportunity to take on managerial responsibility and managerial tasks in surveillance/security companies. With this state-recognized degree, you are qualified to offer qualified services in all operational areas of a security company or as an independent entrepreneur in the field of "protection and security".
The master for protection and security learns the necessary specialist knowledge as part of a course.

With further training to become a certified master craftsman for protection and security IHK, you are opting for interesting, profitable further training and a new career path. Be prepared to soon hold a managerial position in the security/guarding industry and to be able to implement your new knowledge in an area with a high degree of responsibility.

The certified master for protection and security IHK is responsible for the development, planning and monitoring of security and regulatory measures in private security companies.

The scope of work includes:

  • Creation and analysis of security concepts under technical and structural aspects
  • Management, development and training of personnel
  • Cost accounting and budget management

Training content:

Vocational and work-pedagogical qualifications

  • Check training requirements and plan training,
  • Prepare training and assist in hiring trainees,
  • conduct training and
  • Finish education.

Basic Qualifications

  • Legal action
  • Business activity
  • cooperation in the company

Action-specific qualifications

  • in the action area "protection and safety technology"
    • Participation in the procurement or renewal of the required protection and safety technology
    • Guaranteeing all measures for the functionality and the use of the necessary protection and safety technology in accordance with the standards and regulations
  • in the field of organization
    • Recording and assessing business relationships and cost-relevant influencing factors
    • Identifying ways of influencing costs and planning, organizing, initiating and monitoring measures for cost-conscious action
    • Application of calculation methods and assessment and consideration of organizational and personnel measures, including their importance as a cost factor
    • Analyzing, planning and making projects and processes transparent
    • Preparation of data and use of appropriate planning techniques
    • Applying appropriate presentation techniques
    • Ensuring occupational, environmental and health protection
    • Taking into account the legal regulations relevant to the protection and safety area
  • in the action area "Leadership and Human Resources"
    • Determining the personnel requirements and ensuring the deployment of personnel according to the requirements
    • Instructing employees to act responsibly
    • Carrying out a systematic personnel development
    • Securing the quality goals by using appropriate methods and influencing the quality awareness of the employees
    • Participation in the implementation of a quality management system