Security force for personal protection

Duration of measure: 11 weeks
Class times: Full time from Monday to Friday

training content

  • Preparation for the proficiency test according to §34a GewO
  • Preparation for the weapon proficiency test according to §7 WaffG
  • self defense
  • personal protection
  • First aid
  • fire protection assistant
  • Preparation for the exam: Specialist for personal protection

Preparation for the proficiency test according to § 34a GewO

  • law of public safety and order
  • commercial law
  • Aspects of data protection relevant to surveillance
  • Civil Code
  • criminal and procedural law
  • accident prevention regulations
  • Dealing with people,
  • Fundamentals of security technology
  • handling weapons

Preparation for the weapon proficiency test according to § 7 WaffG

  • Weapons and ammunition terms
  • Weapons Law Terms
  • Identification of firearms and ammunition
  • handling firearms and ammunition
  • Transportation and carrying of firearms and ammunition
  • Shooting and shooting ranges
  • Non-commercial manufacture and processing of firearms and ammunition
  • Storage of firearms and ammunition
  • Distress and distress signals
  • Other obligations of the gun and ammunition owner
  • self-defense and state of emergency
  • Weapons terms
  • handling of firearms
  • ballistics
  • long guns
  • handguns
  • ammunition

first responder

  • behavior at the scene of the accident
  • self-assurance
  • The 5 W questions
  • first aid
  • wound care

fire protection assistant

  • Procedure when detecting a fire
  • Fire Prevention
  • extinguishing agent
  • Structure of the fire extinguisher
  • extinguishing systems
  • escape routes
  • escape doors
  • Defensive fire protection
  • fire classes
  • firefighting

Preparation for the degree: Specialist for personal protection

  • Legal basis
  • Evacuation of protection person
  • Car technology and safety check
  • Vocational shooting training (pistol, revolver)
  • identity check
  • public events
  • Cooperation with sovereign powers
  • vulnerability analysis
  • Threat Analysis, Threat Analysis
  • first responder
  • de-escalation training